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"I Know Why The Brotha' Did It" | A Nappy Life Poem

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You've been hovering around my house,
I, minding my business on the couch,
Like an annoying fly, just wanna hit it...


You see, recently on the TV
Like an episode from BET
On a white man's award show,
Will WISHED he'd hid it...

But I know why the brotha did it...

Because just like Mr. Rock that day,
With his stupid laugh and spray-on toupee,
Mister you got ONE MORE TIME,
To push my limits..

Yo, I KNOW why the brotha did it...

You see, my wife used to have a friend...
Who fancied himself a comedian,
Speaking on my wife's name,
Under belts he did hit...

Shit...  I KNOW why the brotha did it!!!

And for years I've been the bigger man,
Just held my tongue and my wife's hand,
Until you took this shit to Twitter,

And I FELT WHY my brotha' did it...

They say actions speak louder than words,
What about the ACTION of speaking words absurd?
When over the years can you speak "bitch shit"
And expect a brotha NOT to get hit?

So...  My brotha' understand.

I'm from the old school, I'm a classic man...

And if you come for mine, you're bound to get it...

And you would rather Will Smith did it...

Dedicated to: A Fly 
Written by: The Fly Swatter

& Lady XO ☺️💘


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