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Interracial Dating | Breaking The Ice

 Press Play to listen to the audio-blog So there’s a pretty lady at  the gym or work place that you have been wanting to get to know for quite some time now... Normally; you’re not the shy type... But this girl is so VERY different than the ladies you’re used to seeing around. The first notable difference? She’s of a different race... Hey Fam-Lei! Lady XO here! You're probably thinking to yourself... Why does this matter? You’re not prejudiced whatsoever... But this is the first thing that naturally does pop up in our minds because of our subconscious drive to procreate... What we don’t realize is, there are these “little guys” running around in the backs of our thoughts and in our spirits that were given this ancient task of “being fruitful & multiplying”, right? So what happens when these guys see a different color person is; they go back into the “Book of Life” to reference the “mating ritual” of the specific type of species of person they’re looking at...   Unfortunately; t