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HWNL | Transgressions in Marriage

Table of Contents What is a Transgression? Transgressions in Marriage Working "IT" Out Finding the Love Again Healing What is a Transgression? To those of us who aren't more "biblically-eloquated", a transgression is just another term for a crime or offense in your Webster Dictionary. I choose to use this word when speaking of marital and relational offenses because after researching the word, I found it to have two very REAL and different meanings.   With the Latin definition of transgression meaning, "the act of crossing over "...  Or stepping/passing over...   A REVELATION was given to me... Transgressions in marriage are " offenses " in which are  meant  to be " stepped over "... Let's face it... Everybody goes through something.  This is no different in marriage.   As a matter of fact, I believe people have this absolutely idiotic idea that marriage means the END of all your hearts suffering and on to a blissful state


The people who challenge the way we LOVE the MOST are usually the ones who are the most... πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️  challenging to love. With that being said, I want to first give a BIG shot out to all my APPRECIHATERS!  For, without your constant free publicity; I wouldn't be the SENSATIONAL DIVA that I am today! πŸ˜† I feel the love in the room, don't you??? Yeah πŸ‘ let's go with πŸ‘Œ that. Our apprecihaters are the ones in our lives who need our LOVE the most! Hey FAM-LEI🌺 Lady XO here! You're probably wondering to yourself, "what in the world is an appreciHATER"?   A clever play on words but a truthful one to boot; an apprecihater is someone who can't help but admire or " appreciate " some quality about you so much so that it hurts them spiritually and they hate on you...   A visual example of this paradox: A woman sees another woman's body and admires it but instead of commenting something positive, she s

Can You Deal? When "FOR BETTER OR WORSE" Gets REAL?

  πŸ‘‹Hey Fam-Lei!!!πŸ‘‹ 🌺Lady XO here!!!🌺 I'd like to pose a question?   Have you ever bought a car, only to find out that it needed major repairs after purchasing it? Were you the type to put money and time into repairing it?  Or... Did you simply sell or trade it in and get a NEWER car? If you're wondering how car-buying pertains to love or marriage; I challenge you to listen to this woman's story.... This woman's story is a testimony to many, including myself... Her husband, loved her SOUL... He put time and money in to maintain and even UPGRADE his wife... A body is but the shell of a soul...  Like a car. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Value is where WE place it and THIS man placed it in his wife... It's not easy to see that sistah girl is a FINE DIME and her "Daddy" is a very lucky man. But he chose one woman and put time and EFFORT into her instead of trading her in when times got hard... The truth is... We live in a day and age of "