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LOVE Letters | He Is My HERO | How To Find Your Soulmate

I had the pleasure of engaging in a very spiritual conversation with an older lady friend of mine...   (For purposes of anonymity; we will call her Beth) Miss Beth was in her 60s, but didn't look a day over 50 and was quite an inspiring woman...   Like many other women of her generation;  Miss Beth had ONE lover... ONE husband...  She’d been married for 30 some-odd years... She  was quite the christian, god-fearing woman...  The kind that would give to a beggar on the street... She took in many children from abusive and neglectful families... (Truly Miss Beth, I will see you in Heaven one day sister...   For God DEFINITELY has a place for you in his kingdom...) More than anything... I remember most how she was still VERY much in love with her husband...   I’d thought it the most romantic and beautiful thing I have ever seen; as I reflect on her saying to me... "He is my Hero" Smiling.... ————————————————————— Now, as beautiful as this story is to hear... Even more bea