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HWNL | To Much Is Given, Much Is Required

  I know you've been asking yourself WHY ME? Why all these things seem to happen to just YOU? You feel like you're about the UNLUCKIEST person in human existence and if there IS a God; you're wondering why he made YOU of all people, "The Fly" of your family. The maggot-birthing, poop-munching, bottom flyer who ALWAYS gets the crap-end of the stick because for whatever reason God chose THEM to be a fly. Okayyyyyy... Maybe that analogy was a bit much. But you thought it too at some point...  I just have the gumption to write it and tell our shared story. Because the truth is... Something has happened to each one of us that has absolutely ROCKED the ground of our entire existence in some life changing or perhaps mind altering way! We all have a story... Each one just as unique as the face behind it... And with each story told, there are three components: A right, a wrong, and a moral... No matter what happens to us; be it positive or negative, it is important to reme

No Call | A Mother's Day Poem

Dedicated to all the mom's out there who likely won't get their pearls on earth... "NO CALL" (A Mother's Day Poem) By: XO The Realest They didn't call... And it's okay... Today is just another day... And superheros cannot stop... Saving the world to take a break... These are the things that she will say, To her church friends this Sunday... When they ask her what her kids have planned for her this Mother's Day... Though others look at her and seem sympathetic... They sit in pews and take their places... Knowing later they will be kissing THEIR moms on their pretty faces... But here she sits... Smiling...   Praying for EVERY grown child's home... Spending the entire day meant for celebrating HER sacrifice ALONE? They didn't call... Yet she sits tall... And curiosity got the best of me... I asked her why she celebrated children who seem to treat her dastardly? Quizzically, she began to speak... In an eloquent menagerie... Of words s