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HWNL | Handling Confrontation

The thing about bombs is that they're predictable...   They're the same yesterday as they are today...   If you ignite the fuse, it will explode...   But a bomb is only dangerous in the hands of someone with the wrong intention. For; if placed in the right hands, a bomb can help aid the demolition of a construction crew, saving both time and money...   Or it can help in the excavation of new places of wonder... However, in the wrong hands, it can be used as a tool for demise and mass destruction. No matter the purpose... It still has one action... To explode... Therefore people don't keep them in places they don't want them to accidentally explode and cause them damages. They run when a black cat is ignited on the 4th of July because they aren't certain if the length of the fuse is long enough NOT to explode by them, causing pain... But a bomb... Unpurchased and left on a shelf... Has NO power at all... NO WAY of entering into your existence to

HWNL | A Wife’s Cry To God

She walks up to the front doors of the church, holding her son by the hand... How much he looks like his daddy...    It brings a tear to her eye...   At the entrance, a    man welcomes them in with a smile and shows her through the door.    A welcoming face with kind eyes...    Oh, how he has no idea  how much she needed to see that... Because the piercing eyes that she just left at home were NOT kind... and the turmoil in her heart just won’t leave... The storm in her marriage is seemingly over for the moment... (Enough groveling from the hours before, has subdued the heart of her husband enough to let her leave and allow him rest.) But... she walked out  of the doors of her home NOT knowing who the man laying in her bed even WAS anymore... She walks up the isle to the front of the church pews... A sign on the massive screen in front of her reads: “When you stand UP for Jesus, you will be put to the test...” How she knows that all to well... She’s here with a mission... She’s here