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Girl, This Thing is WORK!

Press play to listen to the audio-blog Day to day, we will clock in and clock out begrudgingly to a job that pays us less than we deserve... We do it faithfully... It's called going to WORK. Hey fam-lei!!!  Lady XO here!  👋 I know we've all heard the unromantic saying that "marriage is work" but have you ever REALLY it thought about it like a duty? It's our DUTY to strive to be good spouses, parents, brothers, sisters, etc. But do you WORK on your relationships? Think about it... We will smile in the faces of our @$$hole co-workers and listen to every word our bosses tell us; and for most of us...  We do it WITHOUT hesitation or argumentation. Because we VALUE our job and want to keep it! But...  Then we go home and think all of our WORK is done... As if the title you hold at your job is the ONLY hat you wear... But no... We have families and relationships outside of our jobs that take a considerable amount more WORK than our 9-5's and

Nightime Revelations | Knowing Your Worth

Press Play to listen to the audio-blog So... This blog post is going to seem more like a rant because my thoughts are racing right now... Bare with me, While I pose a question... Do You Know Your Worth? Like.........  REALLY know your worth? And an even better question? Do you VALUE yourself? Hey fam-lei! Lady XO here! It was recently brought to my attention by the man upstairs; a few revelations that he felt necessary to share with the world... I asked these two questions to start the thought process of deeper self evaluation. So take your time to REALLY THINK about your worth... What are you saying to yourself? Oftentimes, we are harder on ourselves than other people are... You'd think we'd be able to handle any and all criticism and comments on our character because we're our own worst enemy, so what could ANYONE possibly say to us that's worse than what you already say to ourselves??? But we crack... We become bruised by hurtful comments and