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Can You Deal? When "FOR BETTER OR WORSE" Gets REAL?


👋Hey Fam-Lei!!!👋

🌺Lady XO here!!!🌺

I'd like to pose a question?  

Have you ever bought a car, only to find out that it needed major repairs after purchasing it?

Were you the type to put money and time into repairing it?  Or...

Did you simply sell or trade it in and get a NEWER car?

If you're wondering how car-buying pertains to love or marriage; I challenge you to listen to this woman's story....

This woman's story is a testimony to many, including myself...

Her husband, loved her SOUL...

He put time and money in to maintain and even UPGRADE his wife...

A body is but the shell of a soul...  Like a car.

And beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Value is where WE place it and THIS man placed it in his wife...

It's not easy to see that sistah girl is a FINE DIME and her "Daddy" is a very lucky man.

But he chose one woman and put time and EFFORT into her instead of trading her in when times got hard...

The truth is...

We live in a day and age of "instant gratification" with the internet providing a wealth of knowledge and consumerism at an all time high...

That's all hoopla for - we can basically get anything we want pretty much instantly.

I mean, RIGHT on down to a mate!

There are apps and websites ALL OVER the internet promising to "Find that dime" you've been looking for your whole life!"

There are even hookup sites where people are able to get their jollies off with random strangers at any given time.

Marriages are failing and more and more people are lonely because no one is WILLING to stay in the game until the last bell tolls!

We are ALL going to change, get older, and require different things...

Whether or not it's, "new teeth" like this woman...

Or it's a different sort of patience, as an illness takes hold...

Can YOU be there for your partner when "For Better or Worse Gets REAL?"

Are you willing to go the extra mile to restore confidence in YOUR spouse or your marriage?

Before you take the plunge into ANY new relationship, THIS is a real question we need to ask ourselves.

I challenge you to LOVE WITHOUT CONDITIONS and see just how rewarding your relationship becomes.

All I know?  Is "Nappy Life" and "Daddy Josh" have something in common...

They're both walking around with BOMBSHELL wives, because they put value into UPGRADING and MAINTAINING what they felt their most valuable asset was.

Their wives.

Want to hear more of MY story and how "Nappy Life" transformed my life?  Read "OUR STORY - We Weren't Supposed To Make It"

Until next time,

Love ya' Fam-Lei!

Happy Wife, Nappy Life!



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