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HAPPY WIFE, NAPPY LIFE | A Blog About Interracial Marriage & Relationships

I know we've all heard the old school saying that goes...  

"Happy wife, happy life"?  

But how DO you keep a HAPPY wife (and marriage) in this NAPPY life?  

HOW do you grow a happy and successful MARRIAGE in this NEW school world we live in???

THAT'S what we strive to answer!

Hey Fam-Lei!  Lady XO here!  

I just wanted to introduce my husband, myself and the HOTTEST blog about ALL things interracial marriage and relationships - also known as: 

Happy Wife, Nappy Life

I am your HAPPY WIFE, Relationship Coach and Author; Bridgett Allen - AKA - Lady XO!  

My husband; CJ; A.K.A. "Nappy Life" is Co-host of our YouTube channel and is also featured in many of my blog quotes, youtube videos, and podcast interviews!


So - What IS HWNL?

We are a perfectly imperfect, interracial POWER couple AND former pastors who bring a christian-based approach to relationship coaching.  

Our blog ministry strives to bring positive and comedic answers for those looking for a different perspective on the TOUGH questions in marriage and relationships.  

Although we discuss all types of relational issues; we offer an additional focus on topics of interracial love and family.

Because the average american family setup looks ALOT different than the old school days of "Leave It To Beaver" or "The Brady Bunch".  

(And if you've never even heard of those sitcoms, it's okay... it's just proof in the pudding that I really AM old as dirt...  Lol).

However; though interracial families are becoming more and more of a normality, the challenges they endure ARE NOT.  

Interracial marriages and families have an entirely different set of hardships than average families.  (Which we talk about in many of our other posts ).

Regardless of what anyone tells you; BELIEVE ME when I say - it's DIFFERENT!

A Little About Us

My husband and I have been married since 2008 and have a beautifully blended family of 10 children.  

He was a single father of 5 and I had 4 kids when we met. 

Eventually, we had one baby boy (cause why not, right 🤷🏻‍♀️) who looks like the two of US - and fused our two huge families together!

As we experienced challenges in our own marriage and family, we began seeking guidance and noticed a lack of positive marriage role models in our community.  

Through much encouragement from our inner circle; we decided to share our journey in love and marriage and offer advice to help others make it over the speed bumps of it...

From learning to braid mixed hair to cultural differences in parenting and more; we have a story to tell and advice to give for it all!

So strap up!  And enjoy the inside look into our Happy Nappy Life!

And as ALWAYS, we like to end by saying our version of "TOODLES" -

In marriage, you have to get two of everything...  So TWO Good-Byes or "Toodles" is:

"Two of those"!


Until next time my Fam-Lei!

We love you!



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