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10 Ways To Train PEACE In Your Home


“And I keeps me a piece of steel”! ~Madea~

I can’t tell you just how much these plays made me laugh!  

If you’re new to Tyler Perry's Madea plays, well...  

That’s just a massive rock that you’ve been living under my loves!

And you seriously need to watch them!

The plays are family-themed and Christian influenced.

But more than anything,

They have a level of hilarity that is surprising considering the heavy nature of the plots and...

Tyler. Will. Have. You. Laughing. INCESSANTLY!

Which is a bit of what we try to do here at Happy Wife, Nappy Life too...

👋 Hey Fam-Lei! 👋

Lady XO here!

I know you’re all thinking...

“What does this have to do with Practicing Peace in my home?”

And I answer...

It’s a literal example of something I used to do to practice peace in my own home.

Let me elaborate a bit...

Putting on a movie is a "spirit invoking tool".  

It's the same reason why people cry on sad scenes or yell at the movie screen at the scary parts.

They cry because their spirit is sad and they yell because they get scared.

So putting on a movie that is positive, funny, or inspiring can invoke similar spirits.

By making a conscious effort to control what spirits you allow into your house; you will find that you begin to develop a natural training camp in your own home!

A small change; but one that will make a huge difference in your home!

All I can say is that it's hard to walk by a movie where Jim Carey comes out of a fake rhinoceros butt (on When Nature Calls) and not laugh.


I mean, unless you're a cyborg...

One small change at a time, like this one, can add up to be a complete transformation of your home!

But that's just one of many!

10 Ways To Train Peace

1. Music

Simple enough, right?  Go on!  Play some "Happy" by Pharell or "24 Karat Magic" by Bruno Mars!

You can jog so many memories through music!

If you're married...

Consider your first dance with your spouse, and play the song that was playing - on repeat!

2. Scent

Any scents that create a good feeling are welcoming.

Smells of fresh baked goods wafting through the house just sends a message of love to everyone in the neighborhood when you open the DOOR!

Also, sometimes my husband wears cologne around the house for absolutely no reason at all.  

It always makes me want to put my nose in his neck and he always smiles when I notice.

3.  Touch

I know this may go outside of some of your comfort zones but you will be amazed at how just a kiss on the forehead or hand will bring such a sense of peace.

Whether it's your children or spouse, a random hug or hand on the shoulder coupled with an "I love you" can completely change the spirit they were in.

It's like spiritual redirection...

4.  A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Sometimes we all need reminders of simpler times or sometimes humble beginnings.

*Funny Story*

My husband is a conductor for the railroad and used to spend alot of time away from home.

One day when he came home from work, he walked in to our bedroom to quite the surprise!

He was welcomed by the sight of hundreds of 4×4 printouts of handpicked Facebook photos of our fondest memories taped to the wall...

It took me hours printing them out and cutting them.

The kids thought I was crazy but still helped me tape all the tiny pieces of paper to the walls of my bedroom!

Everyday, and everytime we opened our eyes we would run into a new picture we hadn't seen the day before!

Now, you don't necessarily need to go crazy like I did.  If you have a picture book, that works too.

Or in this new day, POST a million old photo or video memories in a collage and tag everyone in your home in them...

5. Time to Eat!

Now, I'm greedy so y'all KNOW at least one of my answers is gonna be food!!!

I like to come up with a family favorite dish and we do what we like to call "Cooking With The Allen's".

We cook and bring the kids in to help prep.  Then we pretend that we're "The Neely's" on Food Network and act like we're stars in our own cooking show!

It's win-win!  They learn to cook and the laughs never end!

Whether or not we had a dinner table, we ALWAYS sit together and turn off the TV and put down all phones.  We may play music but we eat as a family!

6.  Scalp Massage

The most endearing shows of affection you can give someone is to scratch their head or run your fingers through their hair.

Talk about peaceful...

I don't know a single person (or dog alike) who isn't put to sleep by the feeling.

It doesn't matter what the days events may have held...

Do this and hum a song and watch how both of you melt away to tranquility...

7. Open Up The Windows!

Natural light is scientifically proven to ward off seasonal depression.   Also, fresh air helps to keep mood buoyant and positive.

So, the next time you feel blah, completely open all the windows and doors in your house...

Take a step outside and consciously soak in nature.  Look for birds, stare at the clouds and be at peace!

8. Clean Up

As the saying goes, "cleanliness is next to godliness". 

I know this sounds cliche, but it's so true!

There is nothing like a clean house to bring a sense of peace!

9.  Start A Positivity Journal Or Blog

This is a new one for me...  In my personal life THIS blog has actually helped me in so many ways!

Everyday, I am held accountable for going into my prayer closet to seek answers for my audience's real issues.

In doing so, I am also ready for whatever my family may bring to me for the day!

Whether or not they are in a peaceful place, is up to me! AND my husband and I know that everyday we are going to be having to redirect their spirits.

Whether it's redirecting the tv to more positive programs, or pepping up our teenage daughter when she is on her "lady time"...  We are ready to tackle it all...

10.  Daily Positive AM/PM Affirmations

Every morning my husband and I hold hands and  speak together in unison these THREE affirmations; three times in a row. 

Right now, they are:

A) We are so grateful to be financially secure and independent...

B) For being physically and spiritually fulfilled to the highest degree

C)  And everyone who knows and sees us, loves us.

And they change from time to time.  But essentially, this is just praying together with your spouse.  

A morning huddle and game chant, if you will...  (For those who speak"football")

Also, every night we put on an 8 hour YouTube video of Positive Affirmations While You Sleep and let it play softly all night...

Like this one!

This helps with sleeping by reminding my body that we are sleeping right now.

It really helps when I have bad dreams...  

I used to have them alot but now I only notice that I have them once in a blue moon.  

As if the voice of the speaker brought me back to my reality quicker than my brain could; it just allowed me go back to sleep faster.

Well...  That's all I have today folks!  I hope this helps at least one person create peace in their home!  Leave a comment or share if it's helped you!

Until next time Fam-Lei!

We love you!



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